post-new year resolutions

It's february already and i haven't posted anything since Christmas because i wasn't sure i wanted to do this blog or i wasn't sure about the point of having a blog - blablabla.
But looking at this designer's collection just made me change my mind. Warmi. wouah. woolwoolwoolwonderful.

I've been knitting a few hats recently and friends are now ordering scarves, tuques to me, which i really appreciate. I sort of stopped knitting when i got stuck with guzy's scarf. I was mixing so many different wools and colors. And if it's like a reading or a writing block, you get stuck in the middle of a book and you can't move on to something else. So days, weeks and months go by and you realize you haven't read any books lately because you're still caught up in the 600-pages novel you were trying to finish.

But i'll be strong and i'll be knitting every day - i'm glad it's wintertime. i don't want it to end !

(pic : Stéphane Obadia)

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Anonymous said...

wahou ! c'est super beau warmi. J'aime beaucoup.
Tu connais emmanuelle esther ? elle fait de jolis accessoires en tricots. A bientôt ;) marine