post D.I.Y. christmas market remarks

The christmas market was pretty fun. I sold a bunch of stuff, mostly to friends. Bought a great owl t-shirt to Elsa and a lovely lovely necklace made by Marie Legouic. She's working on her new website and i'll put a link as soon as it's ready.
I realized what i needed to work on to improve my little knitting projects : mostly the sewing part !

I got a sewing machine at christmas so i'll see what's gonna happen with that... i've never been fond of sewing anyway.
I'm my parents' living room right now : my sister's knitting, and whining about her yarn while my mum is trying to remember how to knit a hat. It's probably of the nicest family scenes i've ever witnessed. Everyone's into knitting right now, this is so sweet !

In the meantime, here's one of my knitting heroes : Yokoo

i'd like to be able to do something like that soon !

merry christmas.

rows and stitches on the way.

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