the black cat (curiouser, curiouser)

Meet Carrot, who was initially my cat, i kept her for a year and a half, i was crazy about her but things got difficult in my Parisian appartment, she was very unhappy there, and quite aggressive frankly. So, reluctantly, i took her to my parents, my mum was extraordinary and got very close to her, now Carrot is happy, less scared than she used to be, she cuddles my Mummy a lot and even though she doesn't give a damn about me when i come and visit, she's till my little kitty.

(Picture of Carrot taken by my parents)


oursin said...

Hey Tricot Rouge! Great blog, gorgeous pictures. But what about showing us your KNITTING?


ahah yes you're right ! i need to take more pictures, i've been knitting dozens of mittens, not sure it's worth showing. but ok i'll show them in my next post !