Marion from Home Collection was kind enough to list me among her daily readings and to give me an award. 
She's a friend and her blog is really one of my favourites. 

 So the point of this 'award' is to list 7 things about yourself and pass it on to fifteen other blogs :

#1 i make music  under the name karaocake, it used to be just me and now we're three - way nicer ! - we play shows almost every week, which is great.

#2 i love silence and quiet and i hate the noise made by people in public transport especially, the lack of respect and the agressiveness of it all

#3 my two cats constantly make me smile and reassure me 

#4 i've been living in Paris for about ten years and now i would really like to find a house in the woods to be surrounded by nature and quiet as much as possible

#5 knitting has been a passion for three years  and i'm a compulsive knitter 

#6 i love thrift stores, vintage notebooks and vintage toys

#7 Currently hooked on An idiot Abroad, the best way to cure sadness these days !

- - - - - - - - -

Now time to pass this on to 15 wonderful blogs i enjoy reading 

- - thank you ! - -

1 comment:

HomeCollection. said...

merci d'avoir joué le jeu
& merci pour les liens!
(plein de jolies découvertes!)