talking about closet organization

Apartment Therapy (picture above) and DIYlife both mention my obsession those days which is "how to reorganize your closet' and they give good tips. Let's see if i follow them on a regular basis : 

1. Use every inch of space
2. Double up
3. Make room for drawers
4. Purge
5. Think outside the closet
6. Invest in space savers
7. Rotate seasonal clothes

Well i'm happy to say i do almost everything they recommend ! Yet i'm not entirely satisfied, i often feel disheartened and frustrated because whatever i do, it always looks messy. I still dream of a wardrobe with doors, that could hide things a little bit.  God, what a dream in life, right ?

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HomeCollection. said...

je comprends donc mon problème..
je ne suis quasiment aucune de ces règles..!!