cats can fly and jump and dive

i'm going on holiday in less than a week - i can't wait!  
Whenever we leave home, always comes the question of what to do with our two cats - 
i was really tempted to take them with us this time and make them discover the French countryside and the beautiful house in the woods where we're heading to. 
But eventually i decided against it. So they'll stay home and my lovely neighbour will come and take care of them, as usual. 
She's a wonderful 87 year old lady with a great sense of humour and a lot of energy.

Before leaving, i wanted to mention this wonderful photographer, the best animal photographer i can think of. 

 portraits of Ylla by Ergy Landau

Ylla, whose real name was Camilla Koffler, was born 1911 and died in 1955 during a photo shoot in India. 
She took amazing photographs of animals - including cats of course ! 

and here is my favourite pictures of cats ever - i can look at it for hours, it's just magical -

For people who love dreamcats, i highly recommend you to look for Ylla's books !


HomeCollection. said...

oh ce blog va occuper ma journée!
bonnes vacances!


oui ce blog est un délice - bonnes vacaces à toi aussi !