the battle of stuffed animals

it's not that you necessary have to choose between them - 
i both like anne-claire petit's (famous) toys 
and the stuffed animals by Mogu Takahashi are sweet too, funny little characters.

I'll have time this summer - time to make music, new songs (hopefully) and also time to knit.
I usually stress out a lot when i have free time on hands
(stress about money, about what to do all day, etc) whereas i should just relax and enjoy

so i've decided to keep myself busy in July and knit as much as i can
and to learn how to crochet too -
in order to be ready for possible christmas fairs next December and perhaps a little online shop
i'm planning to make stuffed animals too (little cuddling comforting objects)
if i'm happy with the result, i'll show them here :)

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