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While reading The Guardian, i realized that they now had a "craft" section 
- which i don't think they had before. 

Some very interesting articles - including one about knitting of course - 
the journalist rightly points out that knitting has been experiencing a trendy (and an extensive treatment in the media world) revival for a few years and he mentions the book In the loop : knitting now which i've just ordered.

Knitting: Untitled
 Margi Geerlinks, Untitled, 1997-1998 
Photograph: Courtesy of TORCH gallery/In The Loop

Lacey Jane Roberts, We couldn’t get in, we couldn’t get out, 2006-2007


Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Yarn, 2008. Knit Ethernet cable

Deirdre Nelson, Hair Sleeve, 2007. Shetland wool, human hair

 Annie Shaw, Gansey, deep-fried at a fish and chip shop, Whitby, North Yorkshire

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