My friend Isabelle Boinot is a multi-facetted artist -

she draws quirky characters that you can find in the weekly French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. 

She also turns those characters in embroidery. 

She also publishes books - particularly two travel journals : one recounting her trip to Japan and her latest book is about Italy - it came out a month ago or so and is entitled Prego published by the extremely active French publishing house En Marge.

What I find particularly fascinating and original in her work is the day she deals with different media, using pencils, watercolour, embroidery.. 
Oh and I forgot to say she also makes lovely pencil cases ! (I've got about 5 of them at home - i can never get enough of them !). 


Her universe can be masculine, more intimate and feminine, poetic and sarcastic, alltogether reflecting her very rich and charismatic personality.

She's about to go to Japan for an artist's residency. I can't wait to see her forthcoming inspired projects !

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